Friday, 20 September 2013

Free and Easy Trip in Penang - Day 2 - Penang Hill - Dated 11 Sep 2013

Our last stop for today will be Penang Hill. Uncle Low's son Robinson told us to come here around evening time to see the sunset. 

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You can purchase tickets from the counter. 

Entry Fee
Adult - RM $30.00

Child : RM $15.00

 On our way to take the cable car to hill top.

We don't want to miss this scenery, so took some photos for this beautiful background. 

We found a resting point, David Brown's Restaurant.

We are here at David Brown's at Strawberry Hill - Sky Terrace

Coffee Latte 
RM $12.00
Rating 9/10

I liked the latte very much. Coffee was well brewed and not too sweet. 

Ice Milo
RM $12.00

Fresh Made Potatoes Wedge
RM $10.00
Rating : 10/10

Freshly fried potato wedges tasted really delicious. 
Strongly recommend !!!

Guinness Stout
RM $20.00

Tempting but I better skip the dessert. 

Having our tea break at Penang Hill. We really liked the cool refreshing air. Cooling breeze surrounded by beautiful scenery. 

Evening time should be even more beautiful than day time. If only we can stay until 23:00 pm. Maybe for our next trip if we still have the chance to visit this place.

Now time is around 18:30 pm, we are leaving Penang Hill.

Going down the hill. Travelling time is about 10 -15 mins by cable train.

Security guards on duty outside the entrance.  

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