Sunday, 29 September 2013

Free and Easy Trip in Penang - Day 4 - Dated 13 Sep 2013

We will be going back today, check out around 12:00 pm. 
We left our luggages in the hotel, walked to the nearest shopping mall. 
Walked about 20 mins to reach Prangin Mall.

Concept Store Located at Prangin Mall

Jefferson located at Prangin Mall (4th Floor)

This shop is mainly selling men garments. I do find most of the outfit look nice and pricing is quite reasonable.

We spent 20 mins in this shop. Many fancy items selling in this shop.

Only bought 2 items from this shop. Everything look so nice and cannot resist to buy. However, I still manage to control myself.

Look yummy but my hand is holding another waffle. Too bad ....

Chocolate Waffle
Rating : 8/10

One thing about the Waffle in Malaysia, usually hot and crispy. In Singapore, most of the waffles that I tried before were mostly soft. 

Now walking to 1st Avenue Mall which is next to Prangin Mall. 

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We just crossed over a bridge link from Prangin Mall to 1st Avenue Mall. So convenient if you want to shop around this area. 

Now we are heading to the Food Court at 1st Avenue.

Chinese stall selling noodle.

Spicy Petai with Mixed Vegetables 
RM $10.00
Rating : 6/10

This dish actually taste good but was too salty which spoilt the whole dish.

Fried Kway Teow
RM $5.50
Rating : 6/10

Kway Teow fried with vegetables, plain and taste average.

Thai Food Stall - Tom Yam Soup
Rating : 6/10

Soup was dilute and not much ingredients. 

Curry Chicken Rice
Rating : 6/10

Curry gravy was too dilute.

Even though Signage look tempting but it was totally disappointed after trying

Teppanyaki Beef
Rating : 1/10

I thought I was eating meat made of rubber. Beef tasted hard, oily and meat was so dry after chewing. Side dish was even worst,  don't even look tempting for me to try.

Lunch was a disappointment, most of the food ordered were below average.

We went to Watson, some of the items sold here were much more cheaper than Singapore. 


Total spent about RM $42.80 for tea break. Take this opportunity to use free Wifi (no password required). Coffee look different with the Starbuck in Singapore.

Little Javier showing off his Robots. 

Uncle Low (Taxi Driver) drop us to Airport, cost about RM $35 but we passed him RM $40 because of his good service.

If you take a Taxi with Meter, maybe will cost you about RM $46 to RM$60. We realised the meter  

Long queue even with few counters. We waited almost 20 mins to check in our lugguages.

We spent our 1 hour sitting in McDonald.  I ordered for a Blueberry Cheese Cake and Frappe Mocha. Free Wifi available in Penang International Airport, so we don't feel boring at all.

Goodbye Penang, we are going home. Now departure time is around 20:40 pm..

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