Sunday, 8 September 2013

Korean Food at Tasty Food Court (Tanglin Mall)

Spicy Tofu Soup
SGD  $5.50

One of my favourite food was Tofu Spicy Soup,
how can I miss it when I am around this area.

This Korean stall in Tasty Food court,
you can always see people waiting in the queue.

Address :
163, Tanglin Road,
Singapore  249733

Spicy Tofu Soup has mild spicy flavour,
with Tofu & Prawns.

I liked to add in some spring onion.
Soup with light broth tasted really good.

Just look at the prawn, 
at least you can get 2 prawns in your Tofu soup.

For me, I don't like dried fried ikan bilis,
so I have exchange for more Kimchi.

Most of the korean stall in food court,
provide very low quality kimchi.

For this stall, 
their kimchi taste almost similar to Korean restaurant standard.

Food Rating :  9/10

I strongly recommend you to try.

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