Saturday, 14 September 2013

Street Food at Lorong Baru - Georgetown in Penang

Our 1st day in Penang Georgetown, now time in Penang is around 18:30 pm.

We actually plan  to visit Gurney Drive Hawker Centre,one of the local Chinese man advise us to go another day.

He told us it was raining heavily,many stalls might be closed. Later we get to know his name as Robinson from his name card.

Robinson direct us to try the nearest Street Food at Lorong Baru. Estimate will take 10 mins walk from our hotel.

Just realised after few days in Penang, most of the hawkers run their business using mobile stall.

Therefore, most of the hawkers mainly rely on the daily weather. If today is a rainy day, lesser stalls will open.

Let's go back to our journey.

We just turn left from our hotel entrance and walk straight towards the main road.

Then we need to rush across the street.


Because there were no Traffic light, overhead bridge or even any Pedestrian Crossing. New challenge for us to be  "Running Man"

LOL .....

We are here at Lorong Baru, Georgetown in Penang.

Busy stall
This stall seem has a lot of orders, we don't see stall owner getting any chance to stop for a short break.

Guess this stall must be a famous stall.

We decided to order 1 plate of Carrot Cake and 1 plate of Fried Oyster.

Carrot Cake
RM $2.00

Food Rating : 7/10

Fried Oyster
RM $8.00

Food Rating : 5/10

Oysters used was not fresh, Fried Oyster seem too oily and soggy. Realised we have make a wrong choice for this stall.

Roasted Chicken Wing & Drumstick
Chicken Wing one for RM$2.00 

This BBQ stall seem has used some honey to marinate the Chicken Wings.
Crispy layer, savoury and a bit of sweetness.

Food Rating 8/10

Minus 2 points, some parts of the Chicken Wings did not roast well.

Poh Peah 
(Popiah named in Singapore)
2 for RM $3.00 
(if I am not wrong)

Popiah wrapper seem too soggy, this stall used a lot of ingredients in their Popiah (Poh Peah), similar to the type of Popiah we can find in Singapore.

However, ingredients flavour slightly too bland, only the smell of the prawn paste.

Maybe not really suitable for my taste bud, I don't really like the Popiah.

Food Rating : 6/10

Dessert stall selling cold dessert. Look really tempting, I almost wanted to order all the desserts.

RM $3.00

This dessert stall has used fresh coconut milk and red beans. Chedol taste really tasty and refreshing.

Dessert Rating : 8/10

Another dessert stall but with many customers.

Gingko & Lotus Seed Soup (Hot)
RM $2.60

This dessert tasted really tasty. Natural sweetness with fresh Gingko & Lotus seeds.

Dessert Rating : 9/10
Strongly recommend!

Rice Roll (in Chinese Zhu Chang Fen 猪肠粉)
RM $3.00

Maybe we are not used with the sauce. Rice roll mixed with sticky sauce and very strong prawn paste.

Food Rating : 6/10

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