Saturday, 28 September 2013

Free and Easy Trip in Penang - Day 3 - Night Tour - Part 6 - Dated 12 Sep 2013

Supper time, even though it's really evil to keep thinking about food especially dinner was 2 hours ago. However, I just don't want to miss this opportunity to explore more food in Penang. 

Lorong Baru, Georgetown, Penang

Back to the food street nearby our hotel. More people around this area compared to the 1st day when we were here. 

Few of the local people recommended this stall to us . This stall is well known for their Fried Kway Teow. 

Fried Kway Teow
RM $5.00
Rating : 6/10

Compared to the few Fried Kway Teow stalls that we have try before, this stall Fried Kway Teow seem average.

This Dessert stall always crowded with patrons. 

This is one of the stall selling satay. A small area with all the stuffs lying around the stall. Few pails of water and rubbish bin .

A mobile stall selling fruits.

We have passed by this shop and decided to browse around.

All types of biscuits and pastries available in this shop. 

Address :
46 New Lane, 10400 Penang

Lao Po Bing 老婆饼
One of my favourite food that I liked. 

We saw this set of piglets for sale in front the counter. Another type of pastry commonly seen during Mid Autumn Festival. 

Brought 1 set for little Javier for him to eat.

We spent almost 20 mins in this shop. 

Strongly recommend Old Town White Coffee. Even though this is a common instant coffee that we can buy from Supermarket.  But for this brand, coffee taste really good.

You can also get some Rojak paste in this shop.

One of the shop in this street.

Specially take the effort to find this stall because I want to buy the Pig Blood. 

Curry Pig Blood
RM $2.50
Rating : 8/10

I bought this packet of Curry Pig Blood and bring back to hotel. My first bite on the cube type Pig Blood was amazing. 

It had been more than ten years that I have not try this food. Curry soup goes well with the cubes of Pig Blood. 

It was a good experience to walk around during night time when you see push cart stalls along the street selling food. 

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